Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) is the immediate conversion of the spoken word to text, similar to realtime captioning. The text is streamed, the moment the words are spoken, to the internet or directly to one or more computers. The CART text is then viewed by an individual or projected for a group to see.

Captioning is a visual display of words/sounds that are present on video. The most popular form of captioning used in television broadcasting is Closed Captioning, which can be turned on or off. Open captioning is present on the video at all times and may not be turned off. Open captions are sometimes used in emergencies or where the captions are always needed.

Caption Crew’s Accessible and Searchable Video makes your online video and audio files searchable by all and accessible to persons with hearing loss. Finally! Fully searchable, synchronized and truly accessible video and audio on the internet. Whether your goal is to make your video accessible to persons with disabilities or to make it simply easier to find via a search engine, this is the solution for you.


"Tanya English and her Crew have been providing me with CART services for almost 15 years. My original contact was while a student at Nova Southeastern University. The school had arranged to supply me with note-taking services, which was totally inadequate for my needs. CAPTION CREW was able to work with me to develop the perfect system. Without the strong support mechanism they created, I would never have achieved such an excellent academic record.

Thank you CAPTION CREW for helping me to continue to attain a high level of accomplishment!"

-Richard Deutsch (Nova Southeastern University 1997 Graduate)

"I've used Caption Crew when I took graduate courses at American InterContinental University -AIU- and I loved their quality of captionist! They were dependable, reliable and professional. If I were to need their services again in the near future, I would not hesitate to give them a call because I know they will be there for me, and not only would they do an excellent job, they surely will exceed my expectations. I know without a doubt, I'll be extremely satisfied with their services. That is just how good they are!"

-DJ Stacey (American InterContinental University)

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Settlement Improves Communication Access at Two California Campuses

The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that the University of California settled a federal class-action lawsuit by agreeing to give deaf and hard-of-hearing students at its Berkeley and Davis campuses more control over the communication access services they receive under the Americans with Disabilities Act....

New Online Video Accessible to Deaf and Fully Searchable

New, synchronized text and video makes online video content fully searchable and accessible to deaf and hard-of-hearing students and consumers....

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